Basic Policy on Information Security

blanc Inc. (hereafter "the company"), for which the main business is the production of advertisements, regards the safe and appropriate handling of information from clients regarding pre-release products and services as a social responsibility. To protect such information from various risks and achieve the trust of society and our clients, we hereby announce that the entire company will adhere to security measures under the Basic Policy on Information Security.

1. Scope of application

We take the most stringent security measures to protect all information handled through the companyfs business activities regardless of division or department.

2. Management structure

We maintain a promotion structure throughout the Company, thereby implementing, managing and reviewing information security measures.

3. Continual improvements

We evaluate the effectiveness of information security measures from the viewpoints of confidentiality, integrity and availability, and we review them as necessary, thereby making continual improvements.

4. Legal compliance

We comply with information security-related laws and regulations and other codes.

5. In-house education

We provide necessary education, raise awareness and conduct audits so that each employee can understand the importance of information security and properly handle information assets.

6. Request to parties outside the Company

We not only take stringent information security measures inside the company but also request the cooperation of the companies and individuals we work with to take the same measures.

7. Disclosure of information

The Basic Policy on Information Security shall be posted on our website ( so that it can be viewed at any time.

July 11, 2005
blanc Inc. Representative Director and President: Hirofumi Kanzaki

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